Why do we do what we do?

  • Well, we love it!
  • We love to bring our client’s ideas to life!
  • We are passionate about the growth of our clients in their market
  • We love making the Internet not such a scary place!
  • While we love helping clients all across the country, we are passionate about our local community!
Cherubini Designs Newark OH

Our Beginning…

These beautiful kids in the photo are why we began almost 20 years ago.

Angie: I wanted a job that could allow me to do the very thing I loved and that was to take care of a family.  I wanted to be there for all the stepping stones in their lives and I knew that creating a business that would allow me to stay home would be the answer.  So…Cherubini Designs was born!

I slowly built designs for friends and family and began selling to others from there.  If you know me, you know I LOVE to talk!  Selling our services was easy because I knew they needed it.  Who doesn’t need a beautiful logo or website?

I pride myself in knowing that the designs we offer are the reflection of each and every client.

Patrick:  I’ve been self employed (unemployable) for pretty much all of my life.  I don’t know why but I’ve just always known I was going to be an entrepreneur and work for myself.    Both of my grandfathers were contractors and worked for themselves but I’m the only one in my family that got that gene.  And I love it!  I just could never work in a cube.

When Angie and I got married I started my first business, a boat repair shop, and bought a house in the first year.  Then came the kids…  And with that, the realization that Angie would stop working to take care of the kids.  The only problem, she made most of the money.

We discussed how in the world we would be able to swing it and decided she HAD to do something to help make ends meet so we bought a computer and she learned how to build websites from scratch.

One short year later I had to decide on either coming to work with Angie in her new web design business or to continue the boats, beaches and babes lifestyle I had become accustomed to in the boat biz.  Well that was easy.  Mostly since the boat lifestyle consisted of working my ass off in the heat of the summer for peanuts, never getting to see the beaches or even being on the water.  Then starving in the winter due to the business slowing down and plowing snow and schlepping 80 pound bags of salt for 36 hours at a time!  Easy decision.  I basically handed everything over to my partner and retired from turning wrenches.  Good riddance!

Ever since then we’ve only worked from home.  Doing everything we can to improve our clients businesses by building sites, getting them ranked on Google and trying to help them grow.

I love to help small business owners figure out ways to get more traffic and convert that into cash!

Pat Cherubini Family Newark Ohio