Project Description

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I made my own website many years ago and limped along with it forever. One day I visited a local business facility and upon returning to my office found the web site for that same business and was blown away. I had to find the magician that performed this internet miracle. I followed the links and found Angie, the magician! She provided a “worldly” presence of significant proportion for the local company I visited, and I knew that I wanted the same. To say Angie is easy to work with is a huge understatement. We collaborated well together on logo design, website layout, and website content. She provided me with training tools to allow me to edit the site as I see fit. I would highly recommend her and her services to anyone. Thanks for everything Angie, you’re ACES!
Brad Smith, Owner,

The Challenge:

AccuFilm desperately needed a new website with an updated logo.    Responsiveness was also a key so using a WordPress CMS system was a must!  Their site needed to reflect the business.  You would be shocked at how clean and precise everything is in this company from the moment you step in the office door all the way back into the storage area.

The Gameplan:

  • Build an elegant and striking site that draws your attention from the start.
  • Keep the same WordPress platform but update the core and plugins.
  • Organize the information in a way that flows and is easy for a potential client to navigate.
  • Develop a color scheme to match the new logo that represented the clean cut look and feel of the company.

The After Affect:

Since one of their biggest concerns was getting the site out of the 80’s look, I believe we were able to deliver a site that was responsive AND beautiful AND easy to use!  Now the logo is the focal point along with black and white photos of product and the facility.  Colors and photos look stunning!

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