Project Description

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Buckeye Lake Chamber of Commerce

The Challenge:

Buckeye Lake Chamber came to us a little over a year ago for desperate help. Their old site was static, drab in color and lacked a full easy to navigate directory experience.  This new site needed to be responsive and capture the true feel of the lake (the way it was and will hopefully be soon!)

The Gameplan:

  • Build an elegant and striking site that draws your attention from the start through the use of beautiful photos.
  • Change to a wordpress platform that is easy to update.
  • Organize the information in a way that flows and is easy for the member to navigate.
  • Highlight the events or stories of the moment with an interactive slider.
  • Develop an upbeat color scheme that reflected the spirit of the lake during the warm seasons.

The After Affect:

I believe we nailed it in terms of the upbeat appearance.  You get a warm and inviting feeling when you visit their site.  The directory (when finished by the chamber) will have a beautiful display of the many different businesses that make up this great chamber of commerce in Buckeye Lake Ohio!

See their live site:


Buckeye Lake Chamber of Commerce Old site


Buckeye Lake Chamber of Commerce