Project Description

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Dorosti Family Dental

The Challenge:

Dorosti Dental came to us over a year ago wanting a new look that was responsive.  They needed a site with some LIFE to it!  Their site was drab and just didn’t attract anyone.  Dr. Dorosti is SO very nice and their old site didn’t reflect her personality at all!

The Gameplan:

  • Build an elegant and striking site that draws your attention from the start with elegant colors.
  • Switch them to a WordPress Platform that is easy to update.
  • Organize the information in a way that flows and is easy for the client to navigate.

The After Affect:

Since one of their biggest concerns was the look and feel…I think you can see from the before and after below we made a huge improvement.  Now you see smiling faces and positive colors that are welcoming.  How could you not go here if you are in Zanesville Ohio?

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Dorosti Dental Old Website


Dorosti Family Dental in Zanesville OH