Project Description

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Muller Law LLC

The Challenge:

Suz Muller, founder and CEO of Muller Law LLC came to us with a pretty serious problem common to many businesses:  zero or zilch web presence.  She is first class at what she does and needed a website immediately that projected the same first class appearance you get when you meet or talk to her.

The Gameplan:

  • Build an elegant, and simply sophisticated website that reflected Suz’s personal influence. If you know her, you know simple sophistication is what she bleeds!
  • We implemented WordPress which is a very simple and easy to use Content Management System so she can update from anywhere!
  • Suz is all about making law simple and so we needed the site forms to be the same way.
  • Using very simple and to-the-point verbiage with striking photos on a white background gives the site an easy-to-follow flow with a bit of “Suz Humor”.

The After Affect:

It was so important for Suz’s message of law being straightforward to come through on her website.  No funky backgrounds to disturb you, just a site you could feel comfortable on and trust.  I believe with great communication we successfully hit the nail on the head with her site and logo!  (yep we did that too!)

See their live site:

Finished Product

Muller Law LLC