Project Description

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Nicaragua Fishing Adventures Little Corn Island

The Challenge:

Michael White of Nicaragua Fishing Adventures Little Corn Island came to us over a year ago needing a brand new logo and website for his dream business.  It needed to appeal to the adventurous fisherman/woman and be easy to navigate.

The Gameplan:

  • Build a striking site that draws your attention from the start through the logo and images.
  • Use a WordPress platform that will be easy for him to update.
  • Organize the information in a way that flows and is easy for the potential buyer to navigate.
  • Develop a color scheme that was appealing to everyone!

The After Affect:

Since one of their biggest concerns was ease of use, I believe we were able to deliver a site that was finally responsive AND beautiful AND easy to use!  Now the navigation makes sense and the colors just draw you in.  We also enlarged the logo and made it a focal point as it should be!

Need a new fishing trip location?  Why not try fishing in Nicaragua for your next outing or vacation!

The Finished Product

Nicaragua Fishing Adventures Little Corn Island