Yep we finally did it and launched our website that encompasses all of the very elements we preach about to our clients.  I am sure other website designers who may be reading this post will agree with me our client’s sites become the important task of the day and our personal sites go by the wayside.  Well, in 2016 I am practicing what I preach!

At least in our business of website and logo design, I still believe I need to capture your attention from the get go with nice photos and colors along with new elements of focus.   In 2016 can you tell what is now my big focus?  I am using a “Call-to-Action”.  I have them all over the website.  What is a “Call-to-Action” you say?  Basically, I am trying to get YOU to do something.

I am trying to get you to:

Does your website do this?  Do you engage your potential or current clients?  Maybe it is time you do!  I know it may go against every grain of what you prefer for your website.  You need to ask yourself these questions when you are designing or redesigning your website: “What is my website really for?  Do I want to generate clients which in turn generates money?

If your site doesn’t generate new clients or any action at all give us a call now or fill out my form and we can talk.