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  • Are you REALLY happy with your logo?
  • Do you find yourself using it on everything for your business?

If your answer is “no” to either of these checkmarks above, it is time for a change.  A great campaign whether online or through traditional mediums always starts with a great logo!

If you find yourself not using it or forgetting to use it in your campaigns, chances are you don’t really LOVE it or you don’t have one at all.  Why not let me take a crack at it!

The logo design from Cherubini Designs for my photography company without a doubt helped my business grow very quickly. I firmly believe the investment into a logo is a must as its an extension of you and should be taken seriously versus something purchased online that others might use. I added it to my website immediately, on all photos to social media, T-shirts, business cards, and signage for my studio in Granville, Ohio. Everybody needs to invest in a logo design from Cherubini Designs.
Darlene Hall, Harvest of Memories

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